Oh Boy!

Oh Boy!

This photo set in motion a chain of events that ended in me running away. From a bird. For the second time in my life (the other one was a rather vicious goose my aunt kept at the time, I was 10).
I had taken a few photos of the heron and since it didn’t seem to be bothered by me I inched a bit closer. Rather carefully, at least I thought so, but something must have spooked the bird, because it took off. And apparently flew directly over the nest of a pair of Northern Lapwings.

If you have any experience with Northern Lapwings you’ll know what happened next – they tend to be rather enthusiastic in defending their nests. So the lapwings took off to bother the heron. Loudly. That spooked a group of Carrion Crows, they took to the air, too, and distracted the lapwings from the heron. The heron managed to escape and the lapwings attacked the crows. They fled – in my direction. And since I was so absorbed in watching the aerial battle through my binoculars, I didn’t realise that the crows would vanish into the trees a few metres on. Until the lapwings decided that I was the more immediate danger…
Suffice to say that being the responsible birder that I try to be I left the scene as quickly as possible. To avoid stressing the birds. I swear. 😉

June 2014, Grey Heron / Graureiher, Lippeaue, Hamm


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