Every Day in May (EDiM) 2 – Bubbles

I’ve become a bit tired of taking photos in my every day life and lately I’ve been wondering about the possible reasons for that. It seems that in my mind I’ve grown bored with the “ordinary” stuff around the farm and only take the camera out for “special” occasions like our visit to Zollverein.

In my online search to find other, more creative ways of memory keeping I got lost in a maze of links and stumbled over the concept of mindfulness, which focusses on experiencing the present, of “living in the moment”. And while I don’t think I’ll become a regular practitioner, I do think that it might help me find a way back to enjoying photography by looking for the “special” in the “ordinary”. So I’m going to do an Every Day in May” Challenge.
And to limit myself (apart from APAW-Sundays) I’m going to use my macro lens. Taking macros is something I used to enjoy in my toy photography, something I also do very rarely nowadays. So without further ado – here’s the first challenge pic:

EDiM 2 - Bubbles

We brew coffee by hand. Always have, always will. I love the smell of percolating coffee.

May 2016, Ahlen


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