APAW Special 9.11. – Here I Stand

Remember APAW 39/52? I said I’d visit Julie’s stumbling stone here in Ahlen.

APAW Special 9.11. - Here I Stand

Hier wohnte
Julie Jacobs
geb. Lazarus
Jg. 1897

“Here lived Julie Jacobs, née Lazarus, born in 1897, deported, Sobibor, ???”

APAW Special 9.11. - Here I Stand

I couldn’t find out all that much about Julie on the internet, but there’s an entry in the Gedenkbuch (memorial book, link in English) of the Bundesarchiv (Federal Archives, link in English) for her:

Jacobs, Julie

geborene Lazarus
geboren am 21. September 1897 in Trier / – / Rheinprovinz
wohnhaft in Ahlen

09. April 1943 – 08. Juni 1943, Vught-Hertogenbosch, Konzentrationslager
08. Juni 1943 – 08. Juni 1943, Westerbork, Sammellager

17. Juli 1933, Niederlande

ab Westerbork
08. Juni 1943, Sobibor, Vernichtungslager

Todesdatum: 11. Juni 1943
Todesort: Sobibor, Vernichtungslager
Schicksal: für tot erklärt

“Jacobs, Julie, née Lazarus, born on 21. September 1897 in Trier / – / Rhine Province, lived in Ahlen
Arrest: 09. April 1943 – 08. Juni 1943, Vught-Hertogenbosch, concentration camp, 08. Juni 1943 – 08. Juni 1943, Westerbork, detention and transit camp
Emigration: 17. Juli 1933, Netherlands
Deportation: from Westerbork, 08. Juni 1943, Sobibor, extermination camp
Date of Death: 11. June 1943
Place of Death: Sobibor, extermination camp
Fate: declared dead”

Julie’s husband shared her fate. Her sister in law emigrated with them to the Netherlands. She was arrested and brought to Westerbork at an earlier time. From there she was transported to Theresienstadt concentration camp and eventually died in Auschwitz concentration camp on 06. October 1944.

Julie’s younger sister Berta Bär lived some time in our neighbouring city of Hamm before she moved to Cologne, from where she was deported to the Łódź Ghetto and later transported to Chełmno extermination camp, where she was murdered on 14. May 1942.

The older sister, Nani (or Nanny) Hess, emigrated to France in 1938. She was brought to Drancy internment camp, from where she was transported to Auschwitz concentration camp on 17. August 1942, where she was killed.

78 years ago today was Pogromnacht (or more commonly known as Reichskristallnacht, Night of Broken Glass). Years ago I read a book by a local historian, the people in authority were apparently quite proud of their achievements during the Novemberpogrome (although they had to bring in groups of thugs from the neighbour city Beckum) – there is no Jewish community in Ahlen until this day.

Für die deutschsprachigen Blogbesucher: Vielleicht ist Euch der Name Marga Spiegel bekannt.
Zum Beispiel als Autorin des Buches “Retter in der Nacht: Wie eine jüdische Familie in einem münsterländischen Versteck überlebte”, auf dem der Film “Unter Bauern – Retter in der Nacht” mit Veronica Ferres basiert. Marga Spiegel heiratete 1937 Siegmund Spiegel, einen Ahlener Pferdehändler, und lebte mit ihm bis 1940 hier in Ahlen.

November 2016, Stumbling Stones, Ostenmauer 26, Ahlen


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