This week I’ll be publishing a series of blog posts about journaling.

I like journaling. And I like the idea of writing a diary. But over the years I found that keeping a diary is not for me. At least not in the traditional sense of sitting down reflecting on the day.

Because for me inevitably one of two things happens. I either start skipping days. Because „nothing happened“, I don’t have time, I’m tired, …

Or in stressful times I focus on the negative. And instead of getting it out of my head I keep thinking about it more than it’s worth.

For getting stuff off my mind I found talking to my husband much more useful.

Still, the idea of keeping some form of journal appeals to me.

So how do I journal?

1) I actually use the classic form of diary entries for part of my travel journaling.

Travel Diary November 2016

Another part is done in a pocket scrapbook style.

Travel Photo Album November 2016

And I started doing travel sketches. Done in water-soluble media in a watercolour sketchbook.

Travel Watercolour Sketchbook November 2016

2) I have what I call project journals. For stuff like Every Day In May and October Daily. For birding related stories and thoughts. For documenting my obsession with lighthouses… you get the idea.
They are a mixture of writing, photos and occasionally small scale scrapbooking.

Project Journal Lighthouses

3) A relatively minor aspect for me is art journaling. I do it. Enough said for now.

Art Journal Page

4) Last but not least I write what could be called essays or features. I use this form to record memories, reflect on aspects of my life and just get the things that crowd my mind on paper.

Essays Journal

Of course there are cross-overs. As you can see above lighthouses for example will not only feature in my project album, but also in my travel journals (both diary and photo album), my travel sketches, my art journals and there is even an essay that explores and explains the reason for my obsession (because there is a reason). Basically lighthouses are everywhere.

But even with the cross-overs I choose which topic goes into which journal. Take birding – the majority of my entries goes into the project journal and consists of photos with anectodes. There are a couple of art journal pages, but they’re mostly “pretty pictures”. Of course there are photos in my travel journaling, but they are more of a “went there, saw that”-variety. In my travel diary I keep a list of birds I saw in the back and they get mentioned in the daily entries. The watercolour attempts to date are meagre, I’m working on it. And one day I will write an essay about how I started birding in the first place.

And while I will happily show most of the stuff to anyone interested, the essays journal is for my eyes only.


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