Journaling Part 1a – Travel journaling

I think I’ve mentioned a time or two that I keep travel journals. They are daily entries with a mixture of stories, tickets, receipts, other ephemera and sometimes photos with written annotations. Each day’s header contains the date, the weather forecast and other data of interest, like sunrise and sunset times or the time of high and low tides when we’re at the seaside. Sometimes I add the location, but usually that gets mentioned in the journaling, where I also write down our daily itinerary and things that happened.

Since my French is not very good, I also add words I had to look up with their translation whenever we’re in France.

The photo journaling is done with pocket scrapbook pages. For examples see Project Life by Becky Higgins, although there are other manufacturers as well. This is, as the name says, photo heavy. But it also contains collected stuff, like sand from beaches, coins, dried plants and occasionally short stories, especially if it isn’t obvious why a certain photo was taken.

For short trips under a week I use a different format, they have their own albums and the photos are printed in a collage with text edited in before printing.

The reason for printing out photos in a digital age is twofold. Firstly I simply like looking at them and reminiscing. I found I don’t do that once the photos are archived in an external hard-drive and the sheer mass of photos would make it a less enjoyable experience anyway. Secondly it makes showing pictures to family, friends and colleagues easy. I hate being shown a series of similar photos on smart phones (apparently the usual ways they are shared nowadays…) and carrying around a laptop is too much work.
Plus my grandma, who suffers from dementia, has problems relating to digital media. I still like to share our vacations with her.


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