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Heads Up!

Hopefully by now I will not only have left the country, but am well on my way to leave the continent as well – for the second time in my life.

Since I’m only taking a new tablet instead of my trusted laptop, I’m not yet used to processing photos on it. I’m getting on in years and find I have some problems with the smaller screen. So I decided I won’t be blogging twice daily as usual. I’m not saying I’m not blogging at all, I’m saying I don’t know. You might want to come back occasionally.

This vacation is literally a childhood dream come true – just like my daddy more than 50 years ago I’m going to Iceland! Yay!

Heads Up!
A note for my non-German-speaking readers: the title of the guide book is not a piece of sub-continental land that is surrounded by water. Island is the German name for Iceland.

If you’ve been following my blog for some time you might have seen I post photos of tall ships under the title Für Papa (For Daddy). That’s because he was a radar technician in the German Navy and did a tour on the Gorch Fock II. He rarely used to talk about that time, maybe because we were too young, but I remember him talking about Iceland. And I remember thinking I want to go there, too.

And that’s what I’m doing right now. I look forward to lots of birds, maybe some whales, bright nights, awe-inspiring landscapes and the best of all – standing where geology happens in way we can actually experience. Fire and ice, volcanoes and glaciers, the forces that form the face of the earth. Btw, did you know multiple earthquakes happen in Iceland every day?

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